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Working abroad

Are you considering moving to another European country to find a job? Looking to get some work experience while experiencing a different culture? The more information you find, the better. We're here to help with that.

Finding a job

Your CV should be used to promote whatever it is about you that means you should get that job. For tips on how to write up your CV, take a look at SpunOut's advice or at their articles on interview tips.. Visit Spunout Compass tool for advice tailored to your own needs. See below for our handy links to job sites.

What am I entitled to?

As an Irish citizen, you (and your family) are entitled to free movement within the EU member states. This means that you can move to and stay in any of the EU states without requiring a Visa. There are, however, some conditions regarding the length of your stay, so please read more about this on our You In Europe page.

Cost of living

Here's our guide you can use to see how much regular items and services cost in other EU countries. You can also check out Numbeo for a cost of living comparison.

Summer Jobs

Fruit picking, resort and leisure jobs (Seasonal jobs around the World) [NL] (seasonal jobs)

Overseas Job Centre (Paid and voluntary jobs in
tourism, childcare & catering)

iAgora (Internships and entry-level jobs)

More on Internships


Global Placement



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Permanent Jobs

EURES (The European job mobility portal)

Jobs Abroad

Monster jobs

Jobs Europe

EU Graduate Opportunities


See our volunteer page for more opportunities