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Information about Ireland

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Your Rights

Information on your rights in Ireland as an EU citizen, employee, consumer and rights to Irish citizenship.

Working in Ireland - This site explains your rights to work in Ireland as an EU citizen.

Employment Rights - Information on employment rights, such as: Hours / Breaks / Sunday Working, Protection of young people in employment, How to enforce your employment rights etc.

Employment Rights Information Booklets - From this website you can download Employment Rights Information Booklets in: Chinese, Czech, English, Hungarian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. This site also provides information on minimum wages, health and safety at work and employment agencies.

Equality Authority - The Information section of this website provides information on equality at work, your entitlements as an employee to maternity leave, parental leave, force majeure leave, adoptive leave and paternity leave. You can download from here the Employment Equality Acts dealing with discrimination at work place and employment issues such as dismissal, equal pay, harassment and sexual harassment, working conditions, promotion, access to employment etc.

Migration and Citizenship - This site explains rights to Irish citizenship.

Consumer Rights and Protection - Information on your rights as a consumer.

www.citizensinformation.ie - This is an electronic database covering all aspects of civil and social rights and entitlements in Ireland. Enter the database to view the contents list and click on the subject of your choice.

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland - From this site you can download information on migrant workers rights in Ireland.

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Page Updated in October 2012.