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Information about Ireland: having fun

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With the most youthful population in Europe, Ireland offers a wide range of things to do when you’re not working or studying. The list is too long to include here, but the following may be helpful:

This site provides general information on social customs in Ireland.
provides information on the weather – because the only thing you can be sure of in Ireland is that it will change!

Event guides

Irish culture


Youth and youth-oriented organisations

www.youthinformation.ie - Youth information Centres (YIC's) provide a free, confidential information service to young people and those who work with them on a wide range of subjects including careers, education, employment matters, rights and entitlements, leisure, sport, travel and European opportunities.

www.youth.ie - This portal site focuses on "all things youth" in ireland today and is managed by the National Council of Ireland - the representative body for voluntary organisations in Ireland.

spunout.ie - A youth website developed by young people. It covers all aspects of health, lifestyle, culture and craic (fun). It's an online youth information centre, a magazine, a health clinic, a contact directory, a youth media forum, a take action initiative, a community building place and lots more.

www.leargas.ie - Léargas is the Irish national agency for the administration of EU-funded and other education and youth programmes.




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