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Information about Ireland: if something goes wrong...

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We hope nothing will, but just in case, the following may be of help.

In the case of an emergency (crime, accident, fire) call 999 or 112. Tell the operator which service you need (police, ambulance, fire), what your name is, then follow their instructions.

www.garda.ie - The Irish police force is known as An Garda Síochána, or the Gardaí. You can download also incident report forms from the Gardaí website.

www.crimevictimshelpline.ie - Gardaí's support line for victims of crime:1850 211407

www.itas.ie -The Irish Tourist Assistance Service provides support for visitors who are victims of crime. Its website provides some helpful hints on general safety.

Service finder - The Citizens Information service finder contains over 8000 addresses of public services in Ireland, including hospitals, Garda stations, social welfare offices and post offices.

Other useful contacts:

Directory Enquiries: 11890

Rape Crisis Centre: Dublin 1800 778 888 (freephone), further phone numbers at: www.oneinfour.org/links/rapecrisis/

Emergency Accommodation: 1800 724 724
Housing options for homeless people

Samaritans 1850 60 90 90

Dublin Bus Information: 01 - 837 4222
Train Information (Irish Rail): 01 - 836 2222
Dublin Airport: 01 - 814 1111

Embassies and consulates

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Page Updated in October 2012.